Cricut Maker Review: A Professional Craft Cutting Machine

If you’ve been searching for an extremely powerful vinyl cutter loaded into a nice and elegant body, the Cricut Maker is one of the cutter printers that might appeal to you. Established in 2017, this new innovation promises nothing but fireworks for sparking creativity. The Cricut Maker is the ultimate DIY cutting machine. With its cutting-edge suite of tools, you can create almost any craft project on your wishlist, from home decor, iron-on, vinyl, cards, and more.

It is no wonder it has been garnering rave reviews just a few months after its launch. But beyond the glamor and glitz, how good is this cutter printer performance-wise? Stay with us to know.

Cricut Maker Overview
This professional vinyl-cutter machine stands out because of its powerful cutting features. In fact, the manufacturer recommends that the machine is a creature of a fabric cut. But what would you expect from a cutting machine with a fully rotary blade anyway?

As you know, the rotary blade uses rolling and gliding actions to make cutting fabric easier. Of course, if you plan to use it commercially, this advanced cutting speed allows you to reach more consumers.

The best part is no longer having to deal with hand cutting as this cutting machine can handle various materials ranging from thick materials like denim and canvas to light materials like silk and chiffon.

Supports more than 300+ different materials
Extremely powerful
Free program available
It comes with 50+ craft projects and multiple blades
Fast and quiet
Customers complain about the quality of the program
What Are The Main Features Of Cricut Maker?
Let’s briefly review Cricut Maker’s unique features and get down to the specifics.

Adaptive Tool System: Its professional cutting feature gives the Cricut Maker 10 times more cutting power and the ability to use a rotary and knife blade.
Rotary Blade: This machine is the best cutting machine for fabric cutting.
Knife Edge: You can think of it as an X-Acto blade for thicker materials like leather and wood.
Sewing Pattern Library: Usually, you trace a design onto fabric and cut it out by hand. This machine lets you skip those actions.
Washable Fabric Pen: You can mark seam darts, allowances, notches, the whole deal—an important accessory to the sewing pattern library.
How To Set Up a Cricut Maker On a Computer?
If you need to set up the Maker machine on your device, including Windows and Mac, follow the simple and easy directions given below:

In the first step, you need to plug in the Cricut machine and turn it on.
Next, connect the machine to your device (using a USB cable or wireless Bluetooth.)
Open your browser on your device, then visit Cricut’s website at
You will need to download the Design Space software on your device.
Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in with an Email/ Cricut ID and set up the machine.
Once setup is done, start creating your DIY projects with the Cricut machine.
Steps To Download & Install Design Space On a PC
As we mentioned above, the very first thing to do in the setup process is to download the Design Space software onto your device. Here’s a quick guide to downloading and installing the software on your PC:

First of all, open your browser on a PC and navigate to

On the next screen, select the Download button.

During the download process, your screen will change and look different.
Once the software is downloaded, you need to double-click on the file.

If a PC asks whether you trust the application, select Yes.
A setup screen will show the installation progress.

Now, sign in with an Email/ Cricut ID and Password.

The Design Space for a PC icon is added to your window screen.
Right-click on the Design Space icon and choose Pin to Taskbar.
Use the Design Space on a PC to do DIY projects with the Cricut machine.
Is the Cricut Maker Worth it?
There’s no doubt that the Cricut Maker is an amazing DIY cutting machine. This is ideal for everyone, regardless of their level. The software may take a while to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it intuitive.

This machine is easy to use. There are 13 tools available, and it can cut more than 300+ different materials, including thicker materials such as balsa wood and leather. We recommend the Cricut Maker machine. It is more affordable than the latest Maker 3 machine, so if you are new to crafting machines, you can try it here; you will immediately fall in love with this cutting machine.

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Cricut setup
Cricut Maker Setup

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