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Factors Affecting Ultrafine Vertical Mill Running

the operating resistance of the ultrafine vertical mill determines the energy consumption, filtration efficiency and cleaning cycle of the dust removal system. once the operating resistance is too high, the work efficiency of the ultrafine vertical mill will be reduced, resulting in insufficient dust removal capacity, and will also affect the load of the entire system.

1. dust concentration at the entrance of the ultrafine vertical mill

dust concentration refers to the mixing ratio of dust and gas. when the dust concentration is too high, it will promote agglomeration and increase the apparent particle size of the dust, which will affect the efficiency and resistance of the dust removal device. as the concentration increases, the pressure loss on the same filter area increases accordingly. for the filter bag, the wear rate of the filter cloth and the box body is large due to the increase in the cleaning frequency, which shortens the life of the filter cloth. in this case, the high-concentration dust must contain more coarse particles, so it is recommended to add a pre-dust collector.

2. the influence of the humidity of the airflow

the gas often contains a small amount of water vapor. when the relative humidity is between 30% and 80%, it is a general state, and when it exceeds, it is a high humidity. in particular, when the high-temperature gas is in a high-humidity state, dew condensation is likely to occur due to the cooling effect of the external gas, resulting in dust sticking and clogging of the filter bag, which not only reduces the dust collection performance, but also corrodes the structural materials, making the ball the resistance loss of the mill increases, making it difficult to clean the dust, and even forcing the ultrafine vertical mill to stop running.

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