The key point for the successful work of an escort model is the right choice of an escort agency. This issue needs to be approached especially thoroughly and our review will help you make the right choice.

Walking through the Internet, you will find many conflicting opinions about escort agencies, their work, the models that work for them, and much more.

That is why the topic of our article is about what an escort agency is and how to make the right choice for those who have decided to cooperate with it. So:

An escort agency  is an agency that provides escort services. Oddly enough, but this short definition is quite enough to characterize the essence. Escort agencies are different: simpler (they organize their activities in the local market) and more sophisticated (they work abroad). The clients of these agencies also vary greatly. From ordinary employees who want to pamper themselves with a beautiful girl to wealthy millionaire businessmen who need to show off a gorgeous companion at some event.

It has long been known that Ukrainian and Russian women are the most beautiful in the world, therefore, it is not at all surprising that escort agencies in Moscow and escort agencies in St. Petersburg were the first in the post-Soviet space. These agencies became famous all over the world for the most beautiful, intelligent and flexible models. Agencies in each region have their own specifics and their own work experience. The main reason is the difference in mentality in different parts of the world. And this is exactly what the overgrown men lack among the local emancipated women.

So, for example, an escort agency in Yekaterinburg in terms of the specifics of work will be somewhat different from an escort agency in Kiev. Therefore, before giving your preference to cooperation with any one agency, we recommend that you talk to HR managers from several agencies. From our experience, we recommend working with the escort agency with which you have established a trusting relationship from the first communication, i.e. you were able to feel from the first contact that the manager answers openly to all your questions (he does not bother and does not “move away from the topic” and gives you really valuable recommendations for getting started)

Having decided to try yourself in an escort, you will most likely start looking for reviews about an escort agency in your region. Of course, you can get the most reliable information first-hand. If your girlfriend or someone else you know works or has worked in this business, their experience can be very useful to you. Try to ask all the questions that interest you. First of all, you need to know that working in an escort agency makes a number of requirements for a girl. The girl must be:

- adult

- cute

- well-groomed (regularly looking after her appearance)

- educated (the client should be interested in communicating with you)

- pleasant in communication (excessive display of character is not welcome)

Escort services agency  acts as an intermediary between the customer and the model, therefore its main task is to ensure that all parties are ultimately satisfied with the cooperation.

Therefore, the main and most important function of the agency is to coordinate with the client his wishes. With the right approach, this stage excludes further client dissatisfaction, which provides such an agency with regular wealthy clients.

An elite escort agency differs from an ordinary escort agency by the number of such wealthy regular clients. The cost of services in such agencies is an order of magnitude higher, and the requirements for the models working in them are also appropriate. In an Elite escort agency, you are unlikely to find a model without education or knowledge of foreign languages, but you should not be intimidated by such requests, because the work of an elite escort agency always means high earnings, luxurious vacations and expensive gifts from generous clients. So, the game is worth the candle))

So, we figured out what agencies are working on the market today. Most likely, after reading this article, you have even more questions and, it would seem, it would be even more difficult to make your choice. For you, we have tried to bring together the main qualities of a reliable Escort agency that is optimal for long-term profitable cooperation:

1. First of all, it is the lending of your travel. If you are dealing with a reliable escort agency that is not the first day on the market and is aimed at long-term cooperation, such an agency can afford to partially share your travel costs with you, and in some cases, even buy tickets for you at its own expense, but with the condition that after earning money on the tour, you will return half of the money for tickets

2. Each escort agency that has experience in helping models travel abroad should advise you on all issues related to visa processing, customs clearance and other important issues related to successful border crossing. Such consultation can save not only your money and nerves, but also a lot of your precious time.

3. If you are going on a tour for the first time, it is best to consult with the managers of the agency, which you entrusted to represent your interests on the tour, before the photo session. Thus, you can not only properly prepare for the shooting, but also do the very first photo session that will bring you a good profit as a result. We recommend that you take this issue very responsibly so that you do not have to end up redoing the photo session and spend 2 times on it

4. Serious escort agency will provide you with online support 24 hours 7 days a week. Large agencies have a large staff of employees and you will NOT be faced with the fact that at the right time the manager may not answer you due to the fact that the working day is over or he has left for lunch. At any time of the day you can ask for the necessary help and the agent will try can I help you

5. Self-respecting escort agencies are concerned about the safety and comfort of their employees. Therefore, girls on tours only live in 5-star hotels, and tickets for air travel are booked with maximum accuracy in order to avoid waiting at airports and other inconveniences.

6. As you know, advertising is a rather expensive issue. We would like to draw your special attention to this point. Be sure to ask the manager of the escort agency with whom you plan to cooperate, on how many sites your advertising information will be posted on. Because only large serious agencies with a large base of regular customers and, accordingly, confident in the results of the tour, can afford to spend on your advertising.

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Comment by Alex on June 17, 2021 at 6:52am

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