several screen damaged quality grinder

Quality grinder failure there is a very common reason is that its quality is not qualified, in general, the stress layer screen mesh is divided into upper and lower portions of the sieve stratification, and the two layer is tightly attached to the need in the production time. If the screen making quality grinder does not meet the requirements, the tensioning process is poor, so once the screen by some big efforts there will be broken. So all users before production must be carefully choose and buy, buy to meet the production requirements of the screen. Quality grinder is a kind of equipment can be less without the production, in the actual production due to various reasons which make the screen damaged to different degrees. Above for everybody detailed introduction quality grinder some reasons and treatment measures of broken screen appears, hope that all operators are able to take seriously, once discover the screen failure and damage, it is necessary to timely shutdown, repair and replacement of screen of quality grinder, to ensure normal production.

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