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In anime light novel, the story is usually set in a near future world

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In anime light novel, the story is usually set in a near future world where magic has been commonplace. One interesting thing about anime light novels is that they usually take the perspective of the protagonist - a boy who magical powers begin to manifest and he fights to use them for good. His struggles usually involve trying to overcome evil doings done by his antagonists, also known as the Shihan or the evil witch maids. There are some light novels which have some very dark themes in…


Customised Watch Dial L4.708.2.31.2 from Watch manufacturer Montres8

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Top Designer Customize Gold Watch Face L4.708.2.31.2_M044006 and more Custom Watch Parts from Watch manufacturer

Customised Watch Dial L4.708.2.31.2 Customised Watch Dial




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The Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers in Pune, India – Top Gear Transmission

What is the planetary gearbox?
A simple planetary gear set consists of three main components.

1. Centrally located sun gear (center gear).
2. Multiple planetary gears.
3. Ring gear (external gear).

The three components make up one step within the planetary gearbox. For higher rates, we can offer double or triple stages.

Planetary gearboxes can be driven by electric motors, hydraulic motors, or gasoline or diesel combustion engines.

The load on the sun gear is distributed across several planetary gearboxes that can be used to drive the outer ring, or shaft, or spindle. The central sun gear receives high-speed, low-torque input. The drives several rotating external gears that increase torque.

A simple design is a very efficient and effective way to transfer power from the motor to the output. About 97% of the energy input goes to the output.

What are the uses of planetary gears?
Planetary gearboxes are used for a variety of purposes. Top Gear Transmission offers a planetary gearbox for use in industrial applications.

Our planetary gearboxes are used in the following fields:
• Wheel drive
• Drive tracking
• conveyor
• Slew drive
• Hoist drive
• Incorporation
• Winch drive
• slipper
• Coil tube injector
• Auger and Drilling Drive
• Cutter head drive
The planetary gear set is available in stages and offers a variety of transmission ratio options that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

For more information, visit to Top Gear Transmission Pvt. Ltd.

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