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Helical Gearbox Manufacturers -Top Gear Transmission

Top Gears HG series parallel shaft helical gearboxes and bevel helical gearboxes are designed for a wide variety of applications keeping in mind the needs of different customers. High operating torque, reliability and long life are some of the key features that make us famous for delivering this product.

The cover of these gearboxes is graded cast iron or M.S. fabricated. The internal gears are made of high grade nickel chrome forged steel, which hardens the case and grinds the gear…


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The Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers in Pune, India – Top Gear Transmission

What is the planetary gearbox?

A simple planetary gear set consists of three main components.

1. Centrally located sun gear (center gear).

2. Multiple planetary gears.

3. Ring gear (external gear).

The three components make up one step within the planetary gearbox. For higher rates, we can offer double or triple stages.

Planetary gearboxes can be driven by electric motors,…


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How does a Planetary Gearbox Work?

We Top Gear Transmissions are near Pune in SATARA (Maharashtra), the Manchester city of PLANETARY Products in India. Our quality range includes planetary gearboxes, planetary geared motors, planetary drives, helical planetary gearboxes, bevel planetary gearboxes, electric motors, and other transmission drives. They are widely used in the chemical industry, sugar industry, material handling equipment, textile…


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Advantages of using planetary gearbox motors in your projects

A planetary gearbox is an embedded geartrain that takes the form of a mechanical component containing a gear series. A planetary gear set may be the most common arrangement in an integrated gearbox. The planetary gearbox is connected directly to the precision motor via a coupling or direct integration from the motor manufacturer.

More specifically, the simplest planetary gear set meshes with three gear…


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What Is a Hydraulic Winch & How Does It Work

What is a hydraulic winch?

A winch is a device used to pull heavy loads. It is commonly used to tension, pull, or adjust cables or ropes. The hydraulic winch is a special type of winch. It is an important piece of equipment commonly used in the marine industry.

How does a hydraulic winch work?

Hydraulic winches operate using fluid in an enclosed space. Differential pressure is created using a pump.…


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What are the main advantages of planetary gear motors?

Improved repeatability: Faster radial and axial loads provide reliability and stiffness, minimizing gear misalignment. Also, uniform transmission and low vibration at different loads provide perfect repeatability.

Perfect Precision: Most rotational angle stability improves the accuracy and reliability of the movement.

The noise level is lower because there is more surface contact. The rolling is much smoother and the jump is almost non-existent.

Greater durability: due to…


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Important Maintenance Tips For Industrial Gearbox

Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring the long-lasting performance of your industrial gearbox. Preventive and proactive maintenance helps prevent downtime of gearboxes used in industrial facilities. In this post, I will cover easy-to-use proactive maintenance tips for industrial gearboxes.

The best maintenance tips for industrial gearboxes

Here are some easy maintenance tips to help keep your industrial gearbox…


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How to choose a right model for the Planetary Gearbox

How to choose the right size for your planetary gearbox? We Top Gear transmission are the planetary gearbox factory in India, Canada, and the USA. We can give you the best solution for your choice. The precision planetary gear (backlash) selection:

Next, consider the backlash planetary gear head. The smaller the backlash, the higher the accuracy, the higher…


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5 advantages of planetary gearbox and how to improve efficiency

The advantages of planetary gearboxes have been the main reason for their popularity as power transmission solutions. Choosing a high-quality and efficient gearbox can definitely improve the efficiency and performance of the entire power transmission system.

Let's look at the 5 advantages of…


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Manufacturer of Overhead Crane Gearbox | Top Gear Transmissions

Top Gears Crane Duty gearboxes are built to IS standards for crane duty and have a wide range of Cross Travel CT, Long Travel LT, and Hoist HT. It is classified in the first, second, third, and fourth categories. These gearboxes are designed with discrete type housing manufactured with precision machining and stress relieved MS. The gears are designed with a…


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Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers in India

We offer a variety of modular design planetary gearbox series with a variety of mountings (foot, flange, shaft) and a variety of inputs and outputs, resulting in the increasing demands and requirements of various industrial applications. Was able to meet. Construction (solid, hollow,…


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Bar Bending Machine Scaled

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planetary gearbox manufacturers in satara

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Planetary Gearbox Manufacturers And Suppliers


Top Gear Transmission is India's leading manufacturer of planetary gearboxes for industrial applications in materials handling, sugar, marine, defense, cement, chemical, food, energy, agriculture, and more. We are planetary gearboxes that have a modular…


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