Things You Should Know About Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints of the human body. It is made up of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. According to experts, shoulder pain is one of the most common health problems that people report today. Certainly, there are many home remedies that can help you treat your shoulder pain. Some of the common and effective home remedies are cold compression, heat therapy, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medication, pain killers, and more. However, some serious cases require professional medical attention. Sustaining damage to your shoulder joints leads to many problems. If you are experiencing shoulder pain for a long time, then you should consult a shoulder specialist. AOSM is a popular medical centre that has the best arthroscopy surgeon in Delhi. They diagnose and provide the best treatment for your shoulder.
What exactly chronic shoulder pain is?
The shoulder is a complex joint that enables you to move your arms. Due to its complexity, the shoulder joint is more prone to injuries. Apart from this, overuse is one of the major causes of shoulder pain. Persistent pain in shoulder joints can be due to damage in other parts of complex joints including muscles, ligaments, tendons, bone, and cartilage. The term “chronic shoulder pain” means shoulder pain for more than 6 months.

The treatment options vary according to their cause. Following are some treatments by cause:

A person suffering from bursitis may experience symptoms like swelling, aching pain in the shoulder, tenderness, and more. Some treatment options for Bursitis are antibiotics, stretching, resting, anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, and more.

Tendon Tear
This is a result of an acute injury or overuse. Some common tendon tears of the shoulder joint involve bicep tendon tears and rotator cuff tears. Treatment options for tendon tear are taking NSAIDs, applying ice, undergoing physical therapy, receiving corticosteroid injections, undergoing surgery, and more.

A dislocation, fracture, or another acute injury results in severe shoulder pain. Well, shoulder injury varies from mild to severe. Some injuries heal by following home remedies while some need surgery.

Nerve Problems
This is quite a common shoulder problem that doctors receive. This problem occurs when a nerve becomes compressed by other tissues like cartilage, tendons, or bones. Some treatment options for nerve problems are physical therapy, pain-relieving medications, surgery, cervical collar, and more.

Growth within the structures leads to chronic shoulder pain. These growths may be either cancerous or benign. Well, treatment varies depending on the type of tumor. Slow-growing tumors may not require any medical treatment. On the contrary, the cancerous tumor may need radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both.

Exercises that can help you treat shoulder pain
If you want to improve the strength and mobility of your shoulders, then you should follow some exercises like shoulder stretch, crossover arm stretch, scapula setting, standing row, and more. Performing these exercises can help you strengthen the shoulder joint and prevent further injury. However, you should consult a shoulder specialist before including these exercises in your routine.

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