Three Broad Steps That Will Assist You In The Realisation Of Swift And Relatively Stress-Free Customs Clearance.

Follow these steps to ensure quick and fuss-free customs clearance
The transportation of goods around the world might be easier today than it has ever been. However, a certain single word – “customs” – can still be enough to strike fear in the hearts of those who are looking to ship all manner of items across borders.
Customs clearance, of course, is a highly necessary process for many reasons. These include the need to enforce the regulatory controls that help protect a country’s revenues and security, as well as the health, safety, and prosperity of the citizens of that territory.
But the customs process is not just one part of a given shipment’s journey; it effectively begins in the country of origin for the given goods, and continues right through to the country of destination. So, when you are looking to send products abroad, you will need to be aware of your own responsibilities and obligations.
Below, then, our experts in import and export consultancy here at KTL have outlined three broad steps that will assist you in the realisation of swift and relatively stress-free customs clearance.
Educate yourself on the relevant shipping regulations
Much of the complexity inherent in importing and exporting goods lies in the fact that regulations in this regard can vary greatly from country to country. Territories can differ markedly when it comes to licensing, special provisions, and the goods that might be restricted or prohibited.
So, when you are intending to ship to a particular part of the world, you should inform yourself on these rules and regulations in advance to help guard against any potential issues and ensure compliance.
Put the necessary documentation together
No one – whether the sender or the recipient of a particular item – wishes for the given goods to be held up at the border. So, if you are anxious to ensure this isn’t the case with the products you ship, you will need to take care to prepare the relevant documentation.
This process will need to entail all required information being provided on the commercial invoice, including a clear description of what is in the shipment, and an accurate valuation of the item. These details will be used by customs authorities for classifying and processing the shipment.
Inform yourself of the duties or taxes that you or the receiver may have to pay
It can be easy to get caught out by import duties or taxes, especially if you aren’t very experienced in shipping goods to other parts of the world. Factors like the shipment value and destination will dictate what these charges could be – and of course, if there are charges to pay, it will be either you or the recipient who is required to pay them.
So, you owe it to yourself – and the receiver of your goods – to be well-educated on the relevant taxes or duties that will apply to your shipment.
Customs clearance can be a source of stress and frustration when issues arise with a given shipment, but it really doesn’t have to be.
Reach out to our own freight and customs experts at KTLabout our import and export consultancy services, and we can greatly help to ensure this crucial process is handled proactively and intelligently, so that you can expect smooth and trouble-free delivery.

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