Top 90 Funny Penis Envy Mushrooms Quotes

1. Radish- smelling snake-toxic mushroom
The chapeau of the radish- smelling snake is generally 2 to 4 cm in periphery and can infrequently grow up to 7 cm. Its shape is conically convex, but flattens over time.

The color when dry is most frequently pale penis envy mushrooms rose purple, wet dark purple, but it can also be whitish, argentine-violet, bluish-argentine, or relatively faded. Poisonous mushrooms. Consumption is associated with gastrointestinal complaints and sensitive disturbances.

2. Wax White Funnel-Poisonous Mushroom
The chapeau of the wax-white channel is 3 to 12 cm in periphery, originally slightly convex in shape and also flat, with more or less indentations in the middle. The edge is frequently crimpy, lobed. Color white, whitish, cream or greyish white; wet water stained. Its face is moldable.

It can also be confused with the comestible gray channel, white channel, ivory crawler, May perch, apricot flour and green anise.

3. Field channel-toxic mushroom
The periphery of the cap of the field channel is 1 – 7 cm, its shape is convex at a youthful age, also it expands and becomes depressed in the middle. Its edges frequently remain crimpy, wrapped for a long time. it's also analogous to several toxic, small white tubes.

4. Fly agaric-toxic mushroom
The cover agaric is a large, various, striking mushroom. The fruiting body is originally covered with a round or elliptical and white-multicolored whole skin; in this case it's substantially still in the soil. As it develops, the jacket ruptures; its remains on the chapeau are in the form of thick, bitsy, white, aggregate-suchlike blotches that can be fluently canceled or worn out in old age.

The periphery of the chapeau completely reaches 8-18 (20) cm.

The cover agaric is toxic. Its poisons, ibotenic acid and muscimol affect the nervous system in addition to nausea, doziness, sweating, expectoration, and a drop in blood pressure, they can also beget visions and swoon. Poisoning, especially with medical treatment, is veritably infrequently fatal.

5. Lemongrass-poisonous but comestible after heat treatment
The periphery of the lemongrass chapeau is 3 to 10 cm. The chapeau of the youthful mushroom is convex but flattens out over time. Its color is pale bomb unheroic, conceivably white. Its face can be cream- stained from the residue, but it can also be smooth. The edges may not be roasted and may have lacy-suchlike jacket remnants.

The skin of the chapeau is peelable, candescent, slightly sticky when wet. The meat is soft, watery and whitish in color. It smells like sprouting potatoes.

Lemongrass contains, in principle, comestible, true poisons, but the hallucinogenic bufotenin is broken down by baking and contains veritably small quantities of nascence-amanitine, which is most responsible for the toxin of agaric. It can be fluently confused with the killer agaric, so its collection and consumption isn't recommended.

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