Blockage of sieve holes generally causes the blockage of ultrafine mill sieve holes because the mud content and water content in the feed are high, which makes the material stick to the sieve holes and block the sieve holes. Solution: The screen holes should be cleaned first, and then the amount of water spray and the inclination of the screen surface should be adjusted appropriately.

Screen hole wear When the ultrafine mill is used for a long time, the screen hole wear will be serious and the screening effect will be affected. Solution: If the screen hole is not seriously worn, it can be repaired in time.

If the screen hole is seriously worn, consider replacing the screen. The above are the common problems of ultrafine mills, and they are also the key problems that seriously affect the screening operation.

When solving these problems, in addition to finding and solving problems in a timely manner, you also need to pay attention to purchase and model selection, and try to choose reliable and reputable manufacturers, so as to effectively improve the operating efficiency of the ultrafine mill.

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