During repair welding, the weld should be along the longitudinal direction of the pipe beam, and no transverse weld is allowed, otherwise the pipe beam will be easier to use. Fracture from transverse weld.

Beam fracture The ultrafine mill is mostly due to the long working time at the critical frequency, and the relaxation of a large number of high-strength bolts that fasten the side plates, which seriously deforms the spring, and causes the beam to break due to the difference between the left and right heights; it may also be the weight error of the eccentric block If it is too large, it will cause damage to the structural parts and cause the beam to break.

Solution: It is necessary to stop and replace the damaged structural parts and beams and tighten the bolts; adjust the quality of the eccentric block.

Screen frame fracture Screen frame fracture is generally caused by the shaking of the ultrafine mill vibrating screen frame. Solution: Thicken the side plate, or locally thicken the side plate near the exciter (or add additional plates) to enhance the rigidity of the entire screen frame.

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