During Routine Maintenance Of Grinding Mill

When the grinding mill leaves the factory, the head shaft of the scraper mechanism and the reducer are often installed together. When installing on site, the head shaft and the reducer mesher should be disassembled first, reconnected to the scraper shaft of each slot, and the scraper shaft should be checked.

If the rotation is not flexible, you can add an adjustment pad between the scraper bearing seat and the groove body, and finally connect the head shaft and the reducer to ensure that the error between the center height of the head shaft and the center height of the reducer is less than 0.5mm.

If the scraper shaft is broken, do not continue to use it after welding, which will easily cause damage to other components. During routine maintenance, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the key connecting parts of the grinding mill, including couplings, keys, keyways, bearings, bearing seats, etc., and replace damaged parts in time.

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