Check whether the bolts between the connections are loose or abnormal, whether the mineral water supply is uniform, whether the gaskets and linings are seriously worn, and generally the wear degree of the vertical roller mill lining does not exceed 70%; 
Check whether the air compressor pressure is normal , Whether the operation is normal, whether the motor voltage and current are normal, whether the motor is overheated, whether the air duct leaks, etc. 
Check the wear of the steel balls used in the vertical roller mill, and real-time monitoring is required to ensure that they can be replaced in time when the wear is serious; Check the environmental sanitation of the equipment. Except for the running part, all other parts must be kept clean at all times. 
Check the lubrication system of the vertical roller mill The lubrication system of the vertical roller mill is mainly composed of oil pump, oil tank, oil pipe, filter cooler, oil pressure regulating valve and indicating instrument device. 
The lubricating oil used in each lubricating point is different, and the oil filtration and oil change time of the lubricating point are also different.

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