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三和一善 | 創新的人力資源新技術如何幫助公司應對“大辭職”(組織論第42)



眾所周知,COVID 大大加快了未來工作時間表。它讓我們擺脫了過時的工業時代模型,進入了一個為互聯網時代優化的分佈式模型。人力資源技術不再是次要的,它現在是員工、高管和董事會心目中的前沿和中心。這種閃電氾濫的轉變非常迅速地加速了我們過去所說的“工作的未來”進入“工作的現在”。

這種轉變只會隨著高管面臨的眾多人才問題而加劇。偉大的辭職——以及隨之而來的不斷萎縮的人才庫——正在迫使當今的領導者陷入我們所見過的最具競爭力的人才戰爭。吸引和留住頂尖人才的戰鬥從未如此激烈或代價高昂。想想看——11 月,辭去工作的人數上升到了 450… Continue

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三和一善 | Ways to Make a Great First Impression at a New Job (組織論第12)

3 Ways to Make a Great First Impression at a New Job

Starting a new job now? Here's what you need to do.

There is value in having a good first few weeks at a new job. On the one hand, it's hard for other people to really assess how you're doing when you're starting out. New projects take a while to produce results. However, there is evidence that when you have a favorable impression of someone, you rate their behavior more positively than when you have a bad impression of you. This is… Continue

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三和一善 | 組織論(墺大)(3)

How to get your employees to stick around when they walk out the door on one foot

As a leader, the more human you are, the more your employees will respond.

A record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, a sign the mass quits aren't slowing down. The current surge in omicron has just added to the general instability felt by everyone around the world. Everything hangs in the balance - from things at work to things in our personal lives. Simply put, it's… Continue

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三和一善 | 組織論セミナー1

There is no shortage of masks. You can buy a certified N95 for $1

Are you worried about Omi Technology? This is understandable. Here is how to upgrade the mask at a cheap price.

Two years after COVID-19, I know more people than ever before-in cities across the United States-despite being vaccinated, they are still infected. Some people believe that the omicron variant may be almost as contagious as measles, which means that just one infected person can sicken up to 18…


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三和一善 | 明確で達成可能な目標設定を(組織論1)

Delicious plant-based fried chicken is coming to KFC nationwide

"Damn miracle." This is how I described KFC's first attempt at vegan fried chicken when I tried it in January 2020. Now, it will finally be released all over the United States.

On January 10, after nearly two years of trial in the test market, Beyond Fried Chicken will be sold in KFC stores across the country. It is jointly developed with Beyond Meat and is the first plant-based chicken to be launched in fast food…


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